7 Health Benefits of Lemons

1.Boosts Immunity
   Lemons are a good source of vitamin C, an important nutrient known to boost your immunity and cleanse your system.
2.Promotes a Healthy Heart
   Thanks to the high vitamin C content, lemons help to keep your heart healthy and strong.
3. Prevents Kidney Stones
   Lemons contain citric acid that can increase urine volume and thus aid in kidney stone prevention.
4. Increases Iron Absorption
   The vitamin C in lemons can help enhance iron absorption to prevent conditions like iron-deficiency anemia.
5. Improves your Skin Health
   Lemons may act as an anti-aging food and may be able to help keep your skin healthy and glowing thanks to their antioxidant content.
6. Helps in Weight Control
   Essy’s Premium LEMONADE contains way less calories than you popular sodas or juice drinks thus helps to reduce calories consumed. Ginger is well known to stimulate metabolism thus enabling you to burn more calories.
7. Relieves cold and flu symptoms.

3 Health Benefits of Ginger

1. Improves Digestion
   Ginger is known to promote digestion and improve nutrient absorption.
2. Reduces Nausea Symptoms
    Ginger is very effective at reducing symptoms of nausea and vomiting
3. Relieves Pain
    One of the top benefits of consuming ginger is it reduces inflammation, which is commonly associated with pain.

All these packed together and ready to go.
ESSY'S Premium Lemonade is a drink that is natural, nutritious and refreshing.

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